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Do You Want To Volunteer For BWT?

Interested in Volunteering with BWT?


Do you love basketball and volunteering and can help BWT offer amazing basketball programs?  Although basketball knowledge would be great to have, no experience is really necessary.  Just bring your enthusiasm and willingness to help and learn.

As a BWT Volunteer, you will gain a sense of satisfaction from helping others and building our local community.  Make new friends and build valuable relationships with BWT members and fellow volunteers.  Volunteering with BWT will enhance your skill sets and give you valuable hands-on experience that future employers will value.  BWT values the time and talent of our volunteers, we offer our volunteers the following:

  • High school students can obtain their mandatory 40-hour school volunteer requirements.
  • Ability to gain valuable work-related experience by learning new skills and discovering how we run our programs.
  • Gain personal satisfaction by helping others and giving back to the local community.
  • Keep busy and make new friends!

Become a volunteer, gain amazing experience and help build the foundation of our organization! 

Volunteer for BWT

What Volunteer Positions Do We Have Available?

We have the following Volunteer Positions Available ...

Ready to Volunteer! Submit A Volunteer Application!


STEP 2 - We will contact The Volunteers We Are Interested In Once Our Season Is Close to Starting to Discuss The Positions We Have, Your Comfort Level and Confirm Your Availability.

Have Experience! Interested in a paid seasonal position? 

Do you have experience working in the sport of basketball?  A lot of our volunteers have moved very quickly into paid coaching or scorekeeping positions as well.  Start as a volunteer and show us your skills. 

Alternatively, if you think you have the skills and experience and what it takes to work for us check, out our JOBS page.

E&OE (Errors & Omissions Excepted) - This information is subject to change at any time and it is the responsibility of each player, parent/guardian, or spectator to know this information.