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Fall 2019 Jersey Customization Deadline Ends In..


Would you like to customize your team jerseys?

Once you have placed a deposit for your Team's Registration into one of the divisions outlined below, you can order customized team jerseys.

  • Simply place a $500 + HST non-refundable deposit by the JERSEY ORDERING DEADLINE to receive a set of 8 customized jerseys (further charge(s) for any additional jerseys). The team's remaining Registration Fees will then need to be paid by the date/schedule listed during registration or available online.
  • Men's Elite / Competitive  / Rec Division - Customized size and numbers are available if ordered by the customization deadline.
  • Corporate - *Customized company logo featured on the jersey. Sizes & numbers are not customizable. 
  • Women's Rec/ Competitive - Customized size & numbers are available if ordered by the deadline.
  • Co-Ed Division - Customized size & numbers are available if ordered by the deadline.
  • Men's-  M, L, XL, XXL, XXL, XXXL. 
  • Women's-  S, M, L, XL and are based on a women's cut. 
  • Numbers- must be between # 0 - 45. 

Once you are ready to register your team, click on the REGISTER NOW link in upper right corner of any page and you will be asked for the jersey customization while processing your team registration.

Please note: Any information that is incorrectly provided by the registrar will be omitted from the order and the jersey can only be replaced at the cost of the purchaser.

Jersey Customization - Important Details

  • The only jersey Customization is specific sizes & numbers.
    • Can be requested during your registration and must be done by the Jersey Customization deadline to ensure this order is placed in advance.
  • Jersey Customization Deadline for Fall 2019 Season: 
    • Wednesday, July 31st @ 11:59pm

Sample Jersey Design

Basketball World Toronto Player Uniform Rule

All Basketball World Toronto players will receive their jerseys just before the start of their first game.  All players must wear their current season BWT jersey to play in any game (regular season, playoffs or finals). There will be no exceptions to this rule.

Please Note - Any player who is re-using a BWT jersey from last season, must ensure the jersey is in good condition (based on BWT's Decision) i.e. the jersey needs to have the number on the front, on the back and our logo's properly legible.   Failure by any player to keep their jersey in good condition may require the player to purchase a new jersey at the player's expense.