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Women's Competitive Division

League Details

  • 9 Regular season games + Playoffs (only top 4 qualify if less than 8 teams).
  • Competitive Skill Level (Check out the WOMEN'S MEDIA PAGE page for an idea of the level of play). 
  • 4 x 11 minute running time quarters. 
  • All Games officiated by certified Toronto Association of Basketball Officials.
  • 25 individual statistics, plus online boxscores and standings.
  • Prizes & Awards - Player of the Week, League Champions, Finalists, MVP & more!
  • Action shots, player pictures and team photos. 
  • 8 Premium Reversible Jerseys are included with any team registration.  
    • Team Jersey Customization is available.  Registration & First Payment is Required.  Check out the Jersey Customization page for full details.
    • Teams returning from a previous BWT season with all of their jerseys are eligible for an additional discount.  Please contact BWT for more details.
  • All players must review BWT's Rules & Regulations before playing.

Game Night, Times & Locations

  • Please note: Some teams may be required to play one (1) or more doubleheaders or play on another night to make up the game.
  • Please Note: Locations of games and game times are subject to change.  No guarantees can be made.


Download the BWT app for iOS & Android to stay up to date on your team's latest scores, news and updates. Click above for instructions!

Basketball World Toronto is always looking for ways to improve our programs. If you have participated in a BWT program, we would love to hear back from you! Here is a link for our Adult Program survey!

Branksome Hall

Branksome Hall

St. Mary's S.S.

St. Mary's S.S.

Registration Deadlines & Important Dates

  • Registration opens - Wednesday July 26th, 2017
  • Reserve your team spot- Place a $500 non-refundable deposit required
  • Jersey customization deadline - Friday August 11th, 2017 - Complete Registration & Full Payment is required.
  • Receive a free pair of shoes for registering your team (Captains only) deadline - Friday August 18th, 2017 ( PAYMENT IN FULL IS REQUIRED)
  • REGISTRATION DEADLINE - Friday September, 8th 2017 (afterwards registration is first come, first serve)
  • League Starts
    • Elite Division - Sunday September 17th, 2017
    • Comp Division - Thursday September 14th, 2017
    • Rec Division - Sunday September 17th, 2017 or Wednesday September 20th, 2017
    • Women's Competitive Division - Monday September 18th, 2017
    • Women's Rec Division - Monday September 18th, 2017
    • Co-Ed Division - Monday September 18th, 2017
  • League Ends - middle of December 2017

NEW TEAM FEES - Taxes & Service Charges are included

OFFLINE (Cash, Cheque or E-Mail Money Transfer) $1674.99 $500.00 $587.50 $587.49
ONLINE in FULL (Credit Card) $1674.99 $1674.99
ONLINE PAYMENT PLAN (Credit Card) $1674.99 $500.00 $587.50 $587.49

RETURNING TEAM FEES - (MUST RETURN WITH ALL BWT JERSEYS) - Taxes & Service Charges are included

**OFFLINE in FULL (Cash, Cheque or E-Mail Money Transfer) $1574.99
**ONLINE in FULL (Credit Card) $1574.99


Bond Fee, Ejection Fee & Referral Discount

  • Bond Fee and/or Ejection Fee - Each team is subject to a $50 Default Fee or $25 Player Ejection Fee.  For more information, please review BWT's Term's Conditions below.
  • Referral Discount - Refer a NEW team to BWT and receive a $100 discount off your own team fees. For more information, please review BWT's Term's Conditions below.

Are you an Individual Player? Do you need a Team to Play On?

Individual women who are interested in the Women's Competitive League must register online, submit your FULL payment and attend one of the Women's Free Agent Runs.  We will work to try to find you a spot on a Women's Competitive team.  

If we are unable to find you a spot on a team, you'll be assigned to a team in the Women's Rec Free Agent League as we cannot guarantee placement onto a Competitive team as we need to find teams looking for competitive level players.

For complete details on the Women's Rec Free Agent Run please click here 

Please note we only accept online payment for individual registrations. 

INDIVIDUAL FEES = $200.00 (Taxes & Service Charge included)

ONLINE (Credit Card) $200.00


Payment Methods

Please find listed below the methods that you can make a payment for a basketball program ...

  • E-MAIL MONEY TRANSFER (EMT) - Please send all e-mail money transfers to using the password of basketball
  • CREDIT CARD - Only Visa, Mastercard or PayPal are accepted.  
    • Credit Card SecurityAll card information is submitted via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer - the gold standard for transmitting data online) to our 3rd party gateway providers.  No card information is stored within the registration platform itself.  We use three gateway providers:, PayPal and Pay Flow Pro.
  • PLEASE NOTE - all OFFLINE processing fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.  We charge a OFFLINE processing ($25.00 Individual or $50 Team) processing fee which is non-refundable.    For information regarding refunds, please see our Terms & Conditions. If you ask for a refund or if we have to refund your fees, they will NOT include a refund of any processing charges.
  • MAILING ADDRESS - 20A Duern Street, Toronto, ON, M6N 4G7
  • TERMS & CONDITIONS - To review our Terms & Conditions please click below ...
  • PRIVACY POLICY - To review our Privacy Policy please click below ...

Basketball World Toronto Player of the Week presented by Jack Astor's

Selection Process: 

  • Player is selected based on stat line which includes a combination of total points, assists, steals, blocks and rebounds  
  • Decision is subject to game results
  • To be fair to all participants BWT will distribute the awards amongst as many players as possible in one season. 

Please note that the goal of this award is to recognize players for their performance and garner excitement for the league however there is to be no disputes of BWT's selection process, as this is a bonus to complement our league. (If you have any questions please contact the office directly.)

E & O

2016 Summer Finals

2016 Summer All-Star Game